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We have been talking about producing several video clips, perhaps 4 to 5 minutes long, of training material, using the same topics and issues as now included on our static web pages. We have found that there are several societies where the people, even the educated ones, are more oral/aural than written language communicators. The clips would be aimed at community workers in such societies.

Mobile learning is another variation on this. "Everyone" has cell phones, with / without video, text and pictures. Using Community Empowerment as the "subject" or content provides a good real-world foundation for these interesting and important projects. Videos would be one component. Audio, text and images are lower tech options for media creators and community users.


For each language represented in produce media - audio, video, text with illustrations and/or pictures for Community Empowerment training

  • Introduction to Community Empowerment
  • Getting Prepared, what you need to be a mobilizer;
  • Getting Started, preparing the community for action;
  • Organizing the Community, combining action and training;
  • Into Action, community movement;
  • Sustaining the Intervention, beyond a single mobilizer;

Media technologies suggested / recommended

  • video - Could WiZiQ be used for the videos as Phil describes them? Do you know anything about the [| WE Collaborative video]? Would this work?
  • audio - mp3
  • text
  • pictures, illustrations
  • media storage / archive / repository
  • directory / catalog
  • distribution / promotion - iTunes U, WikiEducator

Project development planning

  • need right now - ideas, collaboration, technology advice / selection, pilot projects for proof of concepts

  • will need in the future - hosting, media contributors / creators / producers /editors / librarians, promotions, community contacts


The most effective template for complex communications and processes would be a sample/model with a list of essential features covering all key dimensions: technical, content, delivery/presentation, production process, etc.

Over a few days of email exchanges we could develop a first draft of parameters starting with these possible headings (& maybe others); then try a test module; critique that and adjust the template as needed--before enlisting others to join in.

One approach I find is quite effective is the combination of a clear voice along with graphic representations of what is being said--rather than just a "talking head". An extreme version of this which I used recently as an introduction to facilitating a dialogue for 100 high school students on the kinds of schooling/education they need and want is the RSA Animate version of Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk on - Changing Education Paradigms We could probably use a combination of a real head and appropriate graphics.

  • technical
  • content - introduction, title, Community Empowerment, presenter, language, 4-5 minutes max., "learn more.." web address, contact information
  • delivery/presentation
  • production process


Contacts / volunteers working on this project