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WikiEducator:Community_Council/Meetings/Third : Workgroup for WE Ready Mix OERs

Very preliminary but this seems like the right time and place to initiate the conversation. Please join in. I am hoping that there is enough interest generated during this meeting to get rolling on a Workgroup and project.

(Comment.gif: Here are some thoughts to get started. Please add notes, edits and/or discussion posts. Thx much--Valerie Taylor 17:53, 25 April 2010 (UTC))

WE Ready Mix OERs - stuff in WE that is at a stage that can be adopted by other WikiEducators

  • fairly complete - not just an outline or sandbox
  • cataloged - some way to find these easily without having to access 1000s of WE pages that are not "ready to use"
  • feedback / rating / following - opportunity to discover these in some systematic way


  • provide easy way for "visitors" to browser potentially ready-to-use OERs
  • way to point to collection that represents depth and breadth of WE OERs
  • nice to have communication beyond WE to community of practice, encourage sharing through network connections
  • means for WE trusted reviewers develop a "following" - eg. User:*** always reviews and promotes great new K-6 science activities.


  • to make this work, there will need to be some technical support - feasibility, collaborative design, implementation ie. technical resources, possibly some actual cost
  • community wide - needs to be implemented and coordinated as a community function / resource although a proof-of-concept / prototype could be developed as an ad hoc project.


  • Who benefits from WikiEducator today? How?
  • Who would WE like to benefit? What do they need? Do WE provide that now? If not, what do WE need to provide - content, processes, tools?


  • Teachers Without Borders - Nigeria provides a weekly radio broadcast Voices of Teachers and they need material for discussing contemporary issues affecting teachers and education as well as the practices of teaching and learning. There is a special segment in the show called "suggestions by teachers for teachers" and likely topics will include tips on classroom management, student diversity, community empowerment, peace and conflict resolution, assessment practices, multicultural education and even global issues like climate change and the Millennium Development Goals.
    Great opportunity to showcase WikiEducator resources by providing a script that is a summary of a topic and discussion questions for studio guests and audience phone in. Find and review 2-3 WE OERs on appropriate topics for each weekly broadcast.
Teachers Without Borders
Voices of Teachers
  • A community college instructor is interested in open education and is looking for OERs that can be incorporated into an ESL class. She hears about WikiEducator from a colleague and comes to explore. She looks through main page for some catalog or areas of interest and searches keywords "ESL activities".

Some ideas

  • WEreadiMix catalog builder / finder tool - link / form to generate entry - fill in form > saves information to page discussion, adds to a searchable catalog generated from harvesting entry information

The project boxes add the category to the page. Imagine a search page with check-boxes for these types of categories: e.g. 'find/list completed secondary level physics resources of high quality'. - Kim Tucker 00:46, 7 May 2010 (UTC)