Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone 3/Swot Module 3

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This analysis is based on the Open ICDL Module 3

Guidelines for the analysis can be found at Guidelines for SWOT Analysis of Open ICDL


  • Add your points below:
  • Comprehensive material
  • Important commands are listed for both Windows and Linux users
  • Detailed step-by-step approach for every user level
  • Simple and concise English used throughout the module


  • Add your points below:
  • Some of the technical terms used needs to be defined
  • Some of the format need to be rearranged
  • Some of the headers would need to be rephrased
  • It is not stated which version of Windows and Linux OS is the module catering to

Design and development issues

  • Add your points below:
  • Need a way to differentiate between steps used in Windows and Linux
  • Some diagrams need to be resized
  • Need to put a reminder and differentiate between file (used for Linux) and documents (used for Windows)
  • Need to include a phrase to inform the users that the steps/procedures are the same for both Windows and Linux unless stated otherwise