Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/Milestone 3/Swot Module 2

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This analysis is based on the Open ICDL Module 2

Guidelines for the analysis can be found at Guidelines for SWOT Analysis of Open ICDL


  • Add your points below:
    • The sources are comprehensive and all the syllabus is covered.


  • Add your points below:
    • The text is often written using technical jargon and assumptions are made about prior knowledge and so in re-writing the text we need to be careful about this.
    • There seem to be two styles - sometime the section starts with some background or 'purpose' information and sometimes the function is described without the background. Would like to see some consistent structure here.

Design and development issues

  • Add your points below:
    • This module probably needs a 40-50% re-write because of the issues raised in the weaknesses section.
    • Version and types of software to be used for examples should be agreed before development, as many different applications could be used.
    • A common structure should come out of the design template.
    • Glossary - we should consider developing a glossary which would be useful across all courses.