Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/CCNC Review meeting/Schedule

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Output Description Who Target Date
Certification plans What you are planning to do regarding the certification and offering of the CCNC, including the dates when you plan to offer the programme.
  • Requirement: Please specify dates of academic council meetings etc.
All module coordinators 30 July 2007
Multimedia storyboard template To develop a template for specifying multimedia objects for CCNC Wayne and Sue 10 July 2007
Generic multimedia specs for each module To document a generic specification for the multimedia components of each module Wayne 10 July 2007
Editorial guidelines For example, consistency, linking, issues for multiple delivery, digital formats. Wayne 15 July 2007
Marketing plan Marketing plan for CCNC for information on knowledge dissemination on the CCNC to educational institutions. Pankaj 15 July 2007.
Estimation of completion To specify percentage completion of the the modules. All 13 July 2007
Create portfolio template To create a new pedagogical template for portfolios Wayne 10 July 2007
Identify multimedia components A short paragraph describing the MM components for each module. Use template:MM_needed and template:Image_needed All 20 July 2007
Specifications of multimedia for each module To specify the development requirements for the multimedia of each module (Storyboard & script). Distinguish between MM which you will develop versus external MM developer. All 20 August 2007
User testing Pre-development testing of procedures, activities etc. All Ongoing as sections are completed. All completed by 31 October 2007