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Instructional Design - rationale for the structure and approach

(Also posted on the discussion forum) Its been great having the opportunity to talk in depth with members of the team who are here in Vancouver for our CCNC project meeting. The discussions have been wide ranging and for me in particular has provided the opportunity to clarify and add some underlying rationale to why the content has been structured in the way it has.

Some of the key points that have been reinforced are:

1) The content as seen in the wiki pages is not necessarily the way institutions would finally publish to their learners. Anyone can take the content and re-structure to fit in with local approaches, standards templates, etc etc.

2) The structure tries to reflect as neutral an approach as possible to enable an institution to use within their own learning and teaching strategies. For example, while the content may outline a learner activity to reinforce a concept, the activity itself can be performed locally in a number of ways, e.g. group activity or individualised. It all depends on local implementation.

3) Its important when providing content/learning resources which will be re-used by other developers or educators that we try to be as modular as possible with our approach. This includes breaking your sections up into smaller chunks of learning which might be re-written without affecting the rest of the content. If you use a context, and use this throughout, then if that context does not fit in with a particular local culture or style, then the end user will have to change all the resources!

Its not easy! Trying to create learning resources which meets everyone's needs or approaches presents us with quite a few challenges.

I have really appreciated everyone's ideas and know that we have a great team here to work it out. --Sue 22:56, 28 June 2007 (CEST)