Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/CCNC Review meeting/Marketing strategies

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Marketing Strategies for CCNC

The simultaneous process with the development of CCNC Modules is to advertise the programme so that when the programme is launched, the group of stakeholders and the learners are ready to take it. Thus, we need to address the following :

  • Who are going to be takers of the programme? (Target group)
  • Where this target is located ?
  • Why one should take this programme? (Outcomes)
  • How they will be benefitted by this programme?
  • Which are educational institutions who will be keen in certifying the target group?

To market the programme, there will be two fold strategy that need to be put in to place.

  • For target group
  • For educational institutes

Advertising for Target Group

  • Dissemination of information through COL's Website and also through the websites of associated institutions.
  • Publication of Brochures, flyers, posters, info cards and information brocures and distribution of the same through stakeholders.
  • Use of personal network for disseminating the information, e.g. IGNOU can send the information to all Partner Institutes in 35 countries to advertise the programme.
  • Providing information through emails.

Educational Institutes

  • As proactive measure, the details of the programme can be sent to ODL Institutions covering all 58 Open Universities in the World.
  • A letter from President and CEO of COL can be sent to ODL Institution for adopting the programme and agreeing to certify the learners (Participation Certificate on successful completion of programme)
  • A detailed note on the Certification Strategies and recognising CCNC be prepared that can be sent as annexture to the letter of President and CEO, COL.
  • Associated institutions can send the information and details to educational institutions in their region. (Of course after these institutions notify the Certification by them selves).