Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate/CCNC Review meeting/Assessment

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General guidelines

  1. ICDL V4 of the curriculum baseline for assessment
  2. Additional unit standards of NZ National Certificate in Computing (Level 2) - for Phase 2 of project
  3. SAQA Unit standards provide detailed Assessment Criteria - use these as the basis for the content of our assessment
  4. We recommend using a portfolio approach and a summative assessment for each module. (Procedural and mini-application activities are building blocks for the final assignment in each module).
  5. Provide learner feedback for all activities.
  6. Weighting guideline - Portfolio 40% - Assignment (Summative assessment) 60%
  7. SAQs - where appropriate. Remember to provide feedback for learners.

Classification of activities

  • Procedural activities
  • Application activities for inclusion in the portfolio
  • Discussion activities (Peer interaction)
  • Peer evaluation activities - for example, review two other learner's work and submit your evaluation in your portfolio.