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Collaborative care is seen as different things to different people but essentially means integrating care of a person with bipolar disorder with various professionals along with the inclusion of family members and the person themselves. Collaborative care is often discussed but not practiced to its full potential. It has been shown to be effective and has been promoted by caregivers, professionals and people with bipolar disorder themselves. More research in the area of collaborative care and bipolar disorder is needed but it is speculated that it will be successful based on information from use with people who have depression

There are a variety of professionals that may be involved in the care of a person with bipolar disorder. Often, finding your way through the mental health system is no easy accomplishment. Families may find that their interactions are frustrating and confusing. Hopefully, this section will alleviate some fears about the mental health care system as well as educating you about the various people you may encounter. According to “Friends and Family Bipolar Survival Guide: Surviving today, Thriving tomorrow”, finding a mental health care professional should include a selection process resembling finding a team member. They also state that it is not uncommon for family members and their loved ones to enlist several professionals, often a doctor to review medication as well as a therapist to assist in developing behaviour and coping skills.

Please refer to the question and answer section for a detailed description of the professionals that may be involved in the care and support of your loved one.

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