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Name - Dr. Z. A. Chiteka

Contact Tel +26311782173 +2632061986

Educational Background Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics


I am currently Senior Lecturer in plant breeding and genetics in the aculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Faculty at Africa University, Zimbabwe. In addition, I am the post graduate programs co-ordinator and research co-ordinator in the Facujlty. I give lectures in Genetics and Biotechnology, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Seed Science and Technology, Biometry and Biostatistics and undergraduate and graduate levels. I have held previous positions of Director of the Biotechnology Research Institue at the Scientific and Industrial Development Research Centre (SIRDC), Harare, Zimbabwe from 2003 to 2004 and Lecturer, Plant Breeder in the Department of Crop Science at the Universtiy of Zimbabwe (1994-2001). I have also served as Principal Director of Agricultural Services in the Ministry of Lands Agriculture and Rural Resettlement in Zimbabwe for from 2001 to 2002. I have represented the Government of Zimbabwe at the FAO General Council Meetings.

I have eleven years of experience (1982-1993) as a plant breeder in groundnut breeding in the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Reserch and Specialist Services during which I released two improved ground varieties, Heron and Falcon. During this period, I served as secretary of the variety release committee, leader and convenor of reserach symposia, and was president of t he Crop Science Sociedry of Zimbabwe. I was awarded a shield and trophy in recognition of output in groundnut breeding and various prizes for the best paper presentation at research symposia for the Department of Research and Specialist Services.

Research Interests

My main research interest is in pulse legume crop cultivar development, principally groundnut but I also conduct research on bambara nut pigenpea and cowpea breeding. I have recently started research in upland non-paddy rice cltuvar evaluation. I have released two improved cultivars of short season groundnut cultivars.


I have published widely on groundnut production and breeding.


Africa University, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Box 1320, Mutare, Zimbabwe Tel +2632061611, +26311782173, Fax +263-20-61785

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