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Work with Others Cluster (consists of 3 units)

Remember Unit Outlines are available from your teacher.

CHCRF301D Work Effectively with Families to Care for the Child

- This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to establish a positive relationship with the family of a child going into care and negotiate in relation to care practices to facilitate the child’s transition into care

CHCORG303A Participate Effectively in the Work Environment

- This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to work effectively as an individual and in work groups to contribute to achievement of organisation objectives

HLTHIR403B Work Effectively with Culturally Diverse Clients and Co-workers

- This unit deals with the cultural and linguistic awareness required for effective communication and cooperation with persons of diverse cultures and linguistic needs

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To support your learning go to The Big Picture by Karen Kearns and Bev Austin and read chapter 1 and 4.

You will need to complete the activities and insert answers and comments on your Work with Others page.



QuestionsCluster 5 Written Questions (pdf)

Case studies:  Cluster 5 Case Study (pdf)

Problem Based LearningCluster 5 Problem Based Learning (pdf)