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Cheese Salutation

Cheese - definition

  • Informally "Cheese" is the partly digested milk curds sometimes spat up by babies

Cheese as a salutation

  • To be "Cheesed" upon by a baby requires intimacy, usually on mum, dad, close relative or friend
  • Anyone who has experienced being "cheesed" upon would concur that the spat up contents from a baby's full stomach is a beautiful experience
  • To be cheesed upon by your own child or grandchild is a precious gift
  • To greet another using "Cheese" as a salutation is to bestow a generous greeting
  • The sentiment if not directly from the heart is at least straight from the stomach

Cheers as a salutation

  • For all those who find the salutation "Cheers" a misnomer in a non-alcoholic lifestyle
    • Choose "Cheese" as your salutation

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