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This is the official Wiki Web page for the
Capacity Development Centre (CDC).
UC21 University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

Located in the cultural and education rich Central Region of Ghana ("Central", though on the southern coast of Ghana); specifically in the North Campus of the first University in Ghana dedicated to the promotion and delivery of teacher education (educator education!) - the University of Cape Coast:

CDC's rich tradition has always being the bringing together of educators and learners to give back to their society through Capacity Building, offered as a social service. Indeed, we live by the motto: TWO HEADS ARE BETTER ...

Introducing CDC

The Capacity Development Centre is an agency dedicated to bringing together, faculty, staff, educators, learners, and the industry together to solve the underlying challenges of the community at large. Set up ss a voluntary charity, with faculty and students of the University of Cape Caost (UCC) as primary members, CDC presents the ideal human side of of an educational institutions as vast as the UCC.

While Abusua Foundation is the mother charity set up on the same principles, CDC's mandate goes beyond the provision of services to the University community but to corporates, educational institutions, and other charities, accross Ghana, the sub-region and Africa. This is done through its unique partnership and placement in the workings of the School of Business, (SOB, UCC), and with other world aclaimed partners, such as the German Development Service (DED), Ghana Aids Commission (GAC), West African Civil Society Forum (WASCOF), Africa Executive Group (AEG-UK), and CIVICUS International.

Welcome Note

This is not just a website. It is the Wiki node of CDC generously provided by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) through the WikiEducator Project. This site is meant to encourage collaborations between educators and learners. it will also serve as the flagship web pages for the distance education components of CDC's effort to deliver Capacity Building to our clients and partners primarily through the use of Open Education Resources (OERs).

Feel free!! Copy and Use!! introduce new ideas and Collaborate on existing ones!! Add on!! and Promote OERs!!

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Ghana, West Africa |
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