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Of course, WikiEducator is built around the idea of open education. They, and many other organizations and individuals, believe in the right of people to have the freedom to use, modify, and distribute educational resources.

The Cape Town Open Education Declaration

In September, 2007, educators and organizations interested in open education got together in Cape Town, South Africa to develop a statement supporting the concepts of open education. This statement is known as the Cape Town Open Education Declaration.


The text of the Declaration can be found on the Declaration's website or on Wikisource.

Who has signed

The Declaration has been signed (as of 12 september, 2009) by 1904 individuals and 197 organizations.

Latest list is available here


The Cape Town Open Education Declaration can be signed by any individual or organization agreeing to the principle of open education. You only need to fill out a simple form.

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  Cape Town OED

  • Prince M. Obiri-Mainoo, Executive Director, National Africa Foundation;African Language Program, AAAS- Harvard University, Cambridge MA

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