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Using Bookmarks

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In this tutorial we will:
  • Learn to create and use bookmarks

Bookmark a Web page

A bookmark is the URL of a site that is stored by Firefox either in the Personal toolbar or in the Bookmarks menu. To access a site is then a matter of clicking on the name of the web site in the toolbar or menu.

Bookmarking a Web Page in the Bookmark menu

Suppose you wish to bookmark the WikiEducator web address.

  1. Access the site by typing into the Location bar and press Enter.
  2. When the page is displayed: Bookmarks->Bookmark This Page or press Ctrl-D.

Display a Bookmarked Web page

There are two methods of displaying a bookmarked page. In the previous section you bookmarked Google on the Personal toolbar and Lycos mail in the Bookmark menu.

  1. To display Lycos mail: Bookmarks->Lycos Free Mail.
  2. To display Google: Click the Google icon on the Personal toolbar.

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