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Tutorial.png The Internet 

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Components of the Firefox Interface

Before explaining how to show and hide the toolbars, it would be useful to become acquainted with the different components. These are illustrated on the following screen.

Display, Hide Built-in Toolbars

Method 1: Minimising or maximsing a toolbar

  1. Click the small triangle to the left of the toolbar (either the Navigation toolbar or the Personal toolbar).
  2. Click the triangle a second time to display the toolbar.

Method 2: Comprltely hiding or displaying toolbars. View->Show / Hide. The sub-menu will indicate toolbars that are displayed by a tick next to an entry. Clicking on a toolbar that is displayed will cause it to be hidden. Clicking on a hidden toolbar has the reverse action and causes it to be displayed.

The Site navigation toolbar is treated somewhat differently as there are three options as shown on the following screen.

Set display to full screen mode

Full screen mode allows you to use the entire screen for the display of web pages. Only the Navigation bar will be displayed at the top of the screen. The rest of the screen is used for the display of the web page.

  1. View->Full Screen or press F11.
  2. Press F11 again to return to normal view mode.

Display, Hide Built-in Webpage

The loading of graphic images can slow down the display of web sites very drastically, especially if they are graphic intensive. Often these images are of little use when the user is after information. One way of speeding up access is to suppress the display of images.

  1. Edit->Preferences.
  2. Expand the Content category.
  3. Uncheck Load Images Automatically.
  1. Click OK.

Display Previously Visited URLs Using the Browser Address Bar

When you access a web site, Firefox records this in its History.

  1. Click on the drop down arrow at the right hand side of the browser address bar.

A list of recently visited sites is displayed.

  1. Click the site you wish to visit.

An alternative is to use the Menu bar. The Go menu item will display sites visited during the current browser session.

  1. Click on Go in the menu bar.

  1. A list of recently visited sites is displayed at the bottom of the menu.
  2. Click on the site you wish to visit or press Esc to clear the menu.

[Note] These entries are automatically cleared after you quit the browser.

<Task Title - Detailed Instructions>

<This section is for main step by step instructions/content. How you group these will depend on the size and complexity of each task and what seems a logical flow. For example, the 2 tasks in the ECDL syllabus 'Starting a computer' and 'Shutting down the computer', might be grouped together as one task/activity/movie>

Guidelines include:

  • Order of sections should be logical (e.g Saving should precede closing)
  • Clear step by step instructions - numbering is useful.
  • Clear screenshots.
  • The screenshots should follow the instructions.
  • Always follow the conventional steps as opposed to short cuts.
  • Major sections should be flagged/highlighted appropriately (e.g font size, color).
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  • If/where appropriate establish the number of levels of headings/subheads to be used in each chapter of module; this consistency may bring a certain degree of (necessary)predictability to the format of the materials so that only actual content is to be worked on.
  • If/where appropriate, within a chapter, one should attempt consistency in language style used for headings/subheadings
  • Avoid including explanations, summaries of a tool/feature (e.g. cell, worksheet) within actual tasks related to tool (e.g. 'Insert a new worksheet). As far as possible, all explanations about the worksheet should be included under main heading (subhead) and tasks should only list actions.