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Section 2 - Using Address Books

Using Address Books

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In this section we will:
  • Understand the make-up and structure of an e-mail address
  • Text here
  • Text here

Create a new address list/distribution list

  1. File->New->Contact list or press Shift-Ctrl-L.
  2. Enter a List name.
  3. Type an email address into the top window of the Members area.
  4. Click Add. Screen shot
  5. Repeat this process to add new members.
  6. Click Save and Close when complete.

Add a mail address to an address list

  1. Make sure the Folder bar is displayed. If not, View->Folder bar.
  2. If necessary, expand Local Folders.
  3. Click Contacts. The address lists are displayed along with other contacts.
  4. Double click on the name of the address list. A list of existing members will be displayed.
  5. Type in the name of the new member of the address list. Screen shot
  6. Click Add.

Delete a mail address from an address list

  1. Display the address list from which you wish to delete a name as in the previous section.
  2. Highlight the name you wish to delete.
  3. Click Remove.

Update an address book from incoming mail

Instead of typing a new entry into the Contacts list, Evolution can do it for you directly from email in your mail boxes.

  1. Right click on the message.
  2. Select Add Sender to Address book in the context menu. Screen shot
  3. A window will appear with the name and email address of the new contact. Click Add to Contacts to add this to your existing address book. Otherwise click the close icon.

Screen shot