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Chapter 8 - Collaboration Technologies


(Comment.gif: just some notes...first crack at outlining this section. Kitt (8-17-07))

Welcome to the Chapter, The Internet.

  • understand the different Internet tools on the Internet that provide mediums for collaboration...

1. Outcome: The learner will understand the different Web 2.0 collaboration tools available on the Internet.

Content: Provide brief overview of each of these tools.

blogs, wikies, podcasts, social environments... Facebook, Myspace

Activities: Chose two (i.e. blogs and wikies) have the learner complete activities that integrates each tool.

2. Outcomes: The learner will be about to discuss the benefits and limitations of each tool.

  • provide examples of different situation of people collaboration online... provide example of good use, possible a checklist to help the learner chose the right tool.

Create activity backed on the same concept.

3. The learner will be able to... chose two to have the learner practice.

Create activity.

Create section assessment...

Collaboration on the Web

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In this section we will:
  • understand the concepts and terms associated with using the Internet

Overview of Collaboration tools on the Web

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In this sections we will:
  • appreciate some of the security considerations

Benefits of Web Collaborations

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In this Section we will:
  • learn how to search and navigate the Web using Firefox Browser.
  • gain the ability to bookmark Web Sites and print Web pages.
  • be able to navigate and complete web-based forms.