CCNC/CCNC Module 5/The database application/Adjusting the application settings/Self Assessment

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Tutorial.png Adjusting Settings 

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Self Assessment

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Upon completion of this self assessment the learner will:
  • Describe the four different views
  • Identify which view is best suited to a given activity
  • Turn on and off toolbars to customize the Open Office Base environment

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Portfolio Activity


  1. Start the Open Office base application using either a new or existing database
  2. Using the left side toolbar navigate each of the four different views
  3. Using pencil and paper write a brief description of each view, include a list of the activities you would perform from each view


  1. From the Base View->Toolbars menu turn ON ALL of the different toolbars
  2. Print the screen with all toolbars present
  3. Use the toolbar buttons and using pencil and paper write brief descriptions of what each button does