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Tutorial.png Outputting Data 

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Outputting to the printer

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Print a form or report
  • Utilize different options while printing

Print selected record(s)

To print selected records in you would have to run a report that would select the required records and then print it. The same would apply if you wanted to print the complete table.

Print a query

To print the result of a query you would have to create a report based on that query and then print it.

Print a report

First generate the report and then print as normal by clicking on File > Print. If you want to print a specific page, type it into the dialog box and click OK or else simply click on OK to print the entire report.


Figure 1. Print button

There are two options when printing a report, either select the "Print File Directly" button from the toolbar or use the File -> Print menu.

Figure 2. Print menu

Printing options

Figure 3. Print dialog

Once printing has been selected a dialog will appear prompting for the destination Printer and providing the ability to set some properties for the selected printer. The ability to set the number of pages and the number of copies is also available on the "Print" dialog.

Figure 4. Print properties

The "Properties" dialog will prompt to set the properties of the selected printer. Keep in mind that the properties will be printer specific, though many similar properties are held by most printers. The properties dialog will prompt for items like; Page Size, Orientation (portrait or landscape), Print tray (which paper source in the printer), etc.

Test your knowledge

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1. There are two print orientations; portrait and legal?

Incorrect, the two print orientation are; portrait and landscape. Click here to review the topic.
Absolutely Correct!

2. Which of the following cannot be printed directly?

(a) Form
Incorrect, a Query cannot be printed directly. Click here to review the topic.
(b) Report
Incorrect, a Query cannot be printed directly. Click here to review the topic.
(c) Query
Absolutely correct!
(d) None of the above
Incorrect, a Query cannot be printed directly. Click here to review the topic.

Your score is 0 / 0