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Tutorial.png Outputting Data 

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Outputting to a file

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Upon completion of this tutorial the learner will be able to:
  • Output a form and report to a disk file
  • Describe the different options available while outputting to a file

Starting the export

Figure 1. Export

OpenOffice provides the ability to output to other sources than just the printer. Two other available output sources are XHTML files and PDF files. To export to one of these two formats select File -> Export...

Type of export

Figure 2. Export Dialog

Once Export has been selected a dialog will appear prompting for the export type.

PDF export

Figure 3. Export options

If PDF is selected a number of options are available. Keep in mind that PDF is a very common file format that can be read on most computers with the correct PDF reader available.

Test your knowledge

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1. PDF is a popular file format?

Absolutely Correct!
Incorrect, PDF is one of the most common file formats. Click here to review the topic.

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