CCNC Module 4 style guide

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Hierarchy, Structure and Headings

  • Use the specific custom navigation template on each page within a section/chapter, e.g., {{CCNC_Mod4_working_with_and_in_cells}} is included on each page within the section/chapter "Working with and in cells."
  • Each page uses the {{MyTitle|Enter title here}} template to display a user friendly title for the page. This main page header is effectively a Level 1 heading and will be printed as a Level 1 heading in the print version.
  • There must always be text between headings. Don't have two headings follow each other without intervening text -- this unprofessional. Write a paragraph if needed - without this the print version looks amateurish <smile>. So for example at the top of each page we should have a paragraph before starting with the first heading.


  • Use the format "OpenOffice Calc" rather than "OpenOffice CALC"

Visual Design

Some thoughts to maintain a constant grid for visual design:

  • Most images should be of the thumbnail type and 400px wide. Right or left justification at the discretion of the visual designer for balance.
  • In cases where a large portrait image is required, a minimum size of 700px? is preferred and should be centred without wrapping the text.
  • Adjust text as needed to improve flow and visual balance of the images and text.


Other Wiki Markup

  • use the <ref> tag for all external links
  • Use the <br style="clear:both;" /> to keep page formatting crisp and to keep photos from overlapping with content

Other Formatting

  • Frequently check page is well formatted as pdf.
  • Include internal links for words and phrases that are described in earlier modules/topics/sections.
  • When instruction tells user to select a toolbar or formula bar button, image of button should be included (e.g., "Accept" button in "Arithmetic formulas" is the checkmark button -- need the image to know what it is).

Move Pages

  • Use "Move" function whenever moving pages to maintain the Talk pages.

Copied from Module 3 Style Guide -- Not sure what these mean

  • Try to keep sections all at the same level so the page TOC is narrow.
  • Create a template for the module TOC and have only a <br /> tag in it
  • Create a template for the module TOC_print and have the module TOC in it for printing to the page
    • this template should appear next to the photo to describe the contents of the module
  • Create a print template with the same name as the navigation menu