CCNC/CCNC Module 3/Style guide

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Introductory page

  • Find an appropriate and CC-BY-SA photo from flickr or some other CC site. (We need to eat our own dogfood).
  • Try and keep sections all at the same level so the page TOC is narrow.
  • Use the Template:TopicsWithSubpages to create a custom navigation menu
  • Create a template for the module TOC and have only a <br /> tag in it
  • Create a template for the module TOC_print and have the module TOC in it for printing to the page
    • this template should appear next to the photo to describe the contents of the module
  • Create a print template with the same name as the navigation menu
  • use the {{metapages}} template so these links don't show up in the pdf
  • use the <ref> tag for all external links
  • Use the <br style="clear:both;" /> to keep page formatting crisp and to keep photos from overlaping with content

Development guidelines

  • Frequently check page is well formatted as pdf.