Getting started with the Writer Application

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Topic Overview

The focus of this section is twofold; first, you will develop an understanding of the word processor, and how it can be used to create and edit documents. Second, you will explore the application settings available within OpenOffice Writer. These settings help you understand and manage the word processing application environment.

A paragraph describing this section is required. The paragraph needs to touch upon these outcomes;

  • Open (and close) the writer application
  • Open one or several documents
  • Create a new document
  • Save a document to a location on a drive
  • Save a document to different formats
  • Work with multiple documents
  • Use available Help functions
  • Close a document

  • Change between page view modes
  • Use the different display tools
  • Display, hide built-in toolbars and document features
  • Modify options and preferences
  • Others (Oo 2.0 TBD)