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ToDos, Follos

from Sept. 13 - regular meeting

Admin: Star 6 - mute microphone

  • Steering Committee Members - create a list
  • Getting a broader representation across the country
  • Increase participation -
  • 2 issues:
  1. costs an amount to service a member, and collect dues
  2. don't want members to drop out, if they can't afford

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Action Items

To Do

  • Write Ron Bleed.
  • cover letter to CCCOER Main Contacts reminding them that Open Textbooks is one of CCCOER's projects and that CCCOER is a member of the Collaborative. (Sharyn, Mitchell - waiting for Mitchell's letter)
  • Monday, Oct. 4 - JoAnne's need for input presentation proposal for the League of Innovation February 2011 conference.
  • developing a "plan"
  • video
  • December Meeting Prep
  • Lessons Learned from full day meeting...
  • Tom has 2 OER groups interested in presenting

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Action Items

After Intensive

  • Get Advocate/Trainers to ask their colleges to join AND become our primary trainer, and sign the agreement
  • LL: For CCCOER we need a "Primary Contact", not a primary trainer although it can be the same person.
  • This person will become the vote caster for the represented institution and the gateway for information for colleagues.
  • In the new Bylaws keeping the Primary Contact up-to-date with the CCCOER Secretary is a requirement of membership. In other words, if the Primary Contact changes and the institution doesn't notify the Secretary, the membership lapses. I wrote it this way to keep the responsibility on the institution and avoid administrative nightmares for CCCOER.
  • As of Sept. 24, we do not have a viable membership agreement for newly recruited members to sign. I've distributed a new agreement draft with the Bylaws. Let's try to get this or a derivative adopted ASAP.
  • As of Sept. 24 we also have no dues nor a mechanism for accepting dues. We need to decide whether it is better to recruit new members now, without dues, and then go through the hassle of having them change to the new membership within a year or to hold off recruitment for a few more weeks until we can get the new structure in place.
  • i.e., NY guy; Zach and Greg - Eastern College District, CA; etc.
  • Communication Mechanism: Geoff and Randy to convene the CCCOER communications committee - to make a permanent membership communications methodology - find something that can be easily used...with Communications Committee (wiki,; by December
  • Tom - Communication Strategy: increase participation
  • pull in Minnesota, to ensure participation; speak to Liza
  • Jacky: growth targets; Michigan, CA, etc; and private 2 year colleges: Harrison, Corinthian, etc.
  • create online member forum
  • hold meeting outside Foothill
  • cover all OER, not just textbooks
  • process improvements - see Jacky's slide
  • 17th version - growth, participation, and self-sustaining
  • "Participation" - defined:

"25% of the member colleges participate in at least 1 meeting annually (already achieved) - Jacky

  • it's not really communication until we have sideways communication -
  • Tom - look at the bigger picture, what we expect from our members and how we want to involve them (most folks are going to get email regardless of our method - we need to ask the larger why question) - what we want from the members, connect the dot, and make the connection.
  • Membership Committee: find primary contacts etc.
  • Minnesota: state membership, but not college membership. the action is "individual colleges" - Liza
            Liza will contact Todd Digby, our Primary for the State of MN.
  • have our membership committee get active, and try to have membership etc... (includes Angela)
  • CCCOER as a catalyst to bring partnerships together - go after big ideas.
  • convene a working group on one of these "big ideas" - Liza
  • Big Ideas: Leverage what the taxpayer has already paid for / invested in....
  • James - Working Group - determine viable ideas, working group will determine...
  • Firm things up; and bring them up for Board approval


  • Randy - growth, participation and self-sustaining growth of CCCOER. See: Job Description
  • Liza - LT self-sustainability