Monthly Report September 2010

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September - October 2010

What Have I Done in the Past Four (4) Weeks?

Increase CCCOER Visibility

CCCOER Website, 111,565 hits (as of October 6)

  • Top Page Views 310 views in September, 231 views as of October 6
  • Page views - 231 views
  • Open Textbooks 470 views
  • Shared Knowledge 252 views
  • Free (but not Open) Copyrighted Textbooks 32 views
  • Free E-Textbooks 17 views
  • Training 16 views
  • Members 13 views
  • FAQs 10 views
  • Literature 10 views

Member Growth & Increased Participation

Membership is increasing: CCCOER has welcomed Alamo, Western Shores Institute; and Tri-C - Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio. Flat World Knowledge has agreed to sponsor OER participation at the February 2011 conference @ League of Innovation, Houston

There are a number of member prospects in both USA and Canada which have been contacted.



Meetings & Participation

Meetings have been well attended by CCCOER members, although they require faculty engagement and attendance.

  • The September 15 meetings - 40 participants, and attendance by Senator Florez
  • The Steering Committee (now Governing Board) meetings - 5 colleges, 2 state boards (WA State, Florida) & 1 consortium (OCW)
  • The December Quarterly Planning meeting - at least 5 colleges, 1 state board
  • COT - Open Research Meeting - October 18, 2010 - 21 participants

Increase Communications & Productivity

CCCOER's Governing Board has approved a communications strategy, using a blend of free services to communicate to its members and OER stakeholders. It has a CCCOER's Steering Committee (now Governing Board) Google Group (40 members), and a main CCCOER Google Group for communications (37 members). CCCOER is collaborating with WikiEducator / OER Foundation, to develop a production space for its communications and documentation. The CCCOER wiki was setup with a single page, and now has 108 sub pages - and is a major plank in the CCCOER's communication strategy. A recent Google keyword search of WikiEducator + CCCOER yielded 1,031 results.

A proposal by Liza Loop (accepted), has resulted in the creation of an Access / Disability Group in CCCOER, with Virtual Ability as a Member

What Will I Do in the Next Four (4) Weeks?

  • continue facilitating GB meetings and December Quarterly meeting
  • provide support as required; including facilitation of off-line GB meetings (i.e., Geoff Cain, ideas to increase survey response rate)
  • continue identifying and qualifying new members, and reconnecting with existing members to increase participation and involvement, and encourage 'rejoining of CCCOER at a paid level
  • be a resource for CCCOER's communications including wiki platform

What Can I Do For Others?

  • facilitate where required
  • coach and teach others in using wiki skills
  • help others keep on track, and support as required

What Do I Need From Others

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