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About OER Glue

OER Glue is a uniquely open approach to online learning that lets content be used where it already resides rather than requiring it to be copied into a new system. OER Glue can be used to efficiently assemble courses and teach online by “glueing together” open education resources (OERs) and integrating with popular online services including Google Documents, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and discussion and assessment tools. OER Glue’s web browser add-on approach allows it to wrap context and navigation tools around online content and to integrate content and services from multiple sources in a coherent manner.

We are looking for partners

We are looking for partners:

  • Teachers to beta test OER Glue and give input into its design
  • Technology providers of web services that OER Glue can integrate with
  • Content developers to develop course materials using OER Glue

Please contact joel.duffin@gmail.com if you are interested.