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Rationale for CC Dues, NOT based on FTE

(from Liza)

  1. Not all community colleges use FTE. A large proportion of students take single-courses or are very part time. This means the figures are skewed toward a large "student body" or number of students and a much lower FTE figure. There may be little relationship between the "size" or budget of the college and its FTE.
  2. Timing. FTE varies widely across terms/semsesters.
  3. Financial stress. The size of the college has little to do with how tight its budget is. I believe we need to leave the decision as to how much it can pay up to the college and not to impose dues on the basis of some externally visible feature.
  4. Administrative resistance to joining. Some of our most enthusiastic participation may come from within departments or services like bookstores or libraries. By providing a lower barrier to entry in the form of a low dues option we enable campus advocates to be active CCCOER members as a way of demonstrating value to their upper-level administration. This is likely to increase number of members in the short run and to advance our outreach goals in the long run.