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Marketing, Communications & Member Services

Benefits - Joining CCCOER

  • a stronger voice for community colleges in determining which open educational resources including textbooks are created, reviewed, disseminated, adopted, and employed by students to gain skills and knowledge.

Please see the article by Dr. Judy Baker: It Takes a Consortium to Support Open Textbooks in Educause.

Prior to the creation of CCCOER, the 4-year institutions, graduate schools, and K-12 were dictating the direction of the open resources movement.

Member colleges will be given preference in selection as venues for on-site workshops. These colleges will be reimbursed for the costs associated with the workshops and their employees given some preference in registration.

  • Attendance at quarterly meetings
  • Visibility on our website, blogs, communication vehicles
  • Press release
  • Stand for election to Steering Committee
  • Joint Venture




  • CCCOER as a catalyst - Cable Green
  • WikiEducator - excellent resource to get the word out; i.e., textbook reviews - Jacky
  • OER helped our textbooks and our careers - Jacky quoting Barbara Illowsky
  • We need a start to finish presentation (canned) that we can run with; we need a way to make it easy for us; with a flow, that includes all the issues; consistent, easy to spread - Angela Secrest


Member Services

The following institutions are members of the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources:

See: Up-to-date Members List