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Help Us! We need a new Workspace as of October 1, 2010

Help us find a new home!

We require:

  • Storage: 200 square feet
  • Workshop: 400 square feet

These requirements will help us support 15 volunteers (i.e., Lab Mentors to Computer Refurbishing and Software Installation).

The 10 Essentials

  1. Grounded power outlets (i.e., GFI's) that can handle some heavy duty power bars (12 port),
  2. An accessible breaker panel (i.e., in case it needs to be reset)
  3. A means to get Internet access either: through DSL over a phone line (eg National Capital Freenet) or other dedicated digital service
  4. Overhead lighting
  5. Fire suppression equipment
  6. Clearly marked emergency exits
  7. Appropriate ventilation (i.e., windows minimum)
  8. Access to washrooms
  9. Access to running water
  10. Emergency telephone access

Nice to Have

  • Universal access for wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices
  • Ground floor access or...
  • Cargo Elevator
  • Loading dock
  • Industrial shelving
  • Work benches
  • Articulated bench work lights
  • Air conditioning
  • On site parking (free, or paid)
  • Accessible to OC Transpo public transit
  • Server closet for server racks
  • Storage space for 6 transport pallets
  • Accessible 7 days a week for public access
  • Accessible 8am to 8pm
  • Meeting area or small lobby

Zoning Considerations

  • Commercial - (i.e., unused office space)
  • Industrial - (i.e., sharing a warehouse location)
  • Retail - (i.e., help C4C increase visibility and sustainability by establishing a technology thrift shop)

Examples of Shared Use

  • Corner of warehouse
  • Under-utilized office or storage space
  • Vacant strip mall location
  • Church Basement
  • Unused educational facilities such as schools
  • Community rooms, or under-utilized community centres
  • Community Houses - The United Neighbours Project gets funding from Crime Prevention Ottawa. They sponsor a number of programs whose aim is to give at-risk kids projects and marketable skills.
  • Retirement Home

What C4C Can Offer You

  • Build on our Success - success with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, and with our partners
  • free publicity - Press release, social media
  • social media etc.
  • integration with your social responsibility activities and/or program
  • In-kind contributions and expertise
  • computer expertise
  • wireless expertise
  • access to computer training and refurbishing sessions
  • connection to the open source network, locally and globally
  • affiliation with an international education organization

Please Contact Us or C4C Dave Sampson directly at:

Source: http://computersforcommunities.ca/en/blog/c4c_computer_refurbishing_workshop_requirements