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Quick printouts

Simply clicking Printable version under Toolbox on the left-hand side of any Wikieducator page will bring up a printer-friendly version of the page you are on.

Page-numbered PDFs

For a single wiki page, again look under Toolbox and this time select PDF version. The resulting PDF can be saved, distributed, and printed etc.

Multi-page printouts

The Create a Book tools on the left side of any page allow for combining multiple wiki pages into an indexed book format. It may for example be convenient for example to combine Streams ID resources with tailored stream pages. For teaching purposes it simplifies matters to send all students to a specified page. It also facilitates using these resources where computer access is limited. The tutorial is one way to start; or you could simply open the first wiki page intended for your book and click add wiki page. We have found the book tool to be fairly self explanatory but there are additional features to be found in the tutorials.