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Next Steps

Before proceeding, in order to experience the flavour of this project, find a friend or colleague and interview each other as described here.

See Discussion.

First Step

The first step was the workshop at the NADEOSA conference in 2008. In fact the idea arose as a fun thing to do late in the proceedings.

The process involved appreciative interviews which surfaced stories of the participants' most positive learning experiences, factors which made these so positive and continued to prioritise and classify the factors.

The intention was to design learning scenarios accentuating the factors and explore how technology could be used to extend such experiences to people who do not have access to experienced teachers trained in the traditional way.

Although the clustering suggested some categories

  • Teacher characteristics
  • Learner characteristics
  • Resources
  • Affective
  • Pedagogical
  • hOlistic

there was too much overlap to identify focus areas for the breakaway groups. The prioritisation exercise suggested that all the factors are interrelated and equally important.

The participants decided to develop this curriculum framework instead.

Development of technology enhanced scenarios is left as an exercise for interested readers and study groups etc.

Some of the stories generated might be shared here at some stage in the future (feel free to share yours there too any time).

The gallery below captures the flipcharts:

Some of the insights are incorporated into the Curriculum.