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Contemporary social, economic and environmental challenges (i.e. sustainability challenges) concern us all.

Our collective impact as a species on the environment of this planet is significant. Change is required for sustainability of life including our own survival.

In spite of wide and growing awareness of the interdependencies of the social, economic and biophysical aspects of human life, the drive for "economic growth" continues on an unsustainable trajectory. Social issues of freedom and equality surface as we try to share the planet's finite/limited resources equitably.

There is probably no simple solution to this super wicked problem of sustainability, but it is imperative that we do something to iterate towards this goal.

Through musings and multilogues this exercise is intended to be a small part of the process: exploring and educating people about freedom and sustainability towards collective wisdom for a sustainable world[1].

The initiative is rooted in the freedoms associated with libre software which have stood the test of time[2].

These freedoms have already been generalised in forms of libre knowledge and free culture. Here we delve deeper to describe a way of being, "being libre", which encompasses happiness, freedom and sustainability.

Technology has progressed to a point where potentially all citizens may one day be connected, enabled and empowered to participate in the global knowledge society. This is our greatest opportunity: if every person becomes aware of who we are as a species on this planet and our individual and collective impacts, we can act accordingly towards a sustainable future.

Learning how to protect our freedom to do this is one of the objectives of this initiative.

One intended output of this process is a guide to (essentially ethically) Being Libre (draft).

  1. See Declaration on libre knowledge aka the "Libre Declaration"
  2. See for example History of free and open-source software