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hi i am bee chooi.


I am working for MAICSA.

MAICSA stand for The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.MAICSA is an affiliated body to ICSA.
ICSA stand for The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators which is the leading recognised professional body for Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in the United Kingdom and throughout the world
Membership of MAICSA has about 4,800 members (comprising Fellows, Associates) and Graduates, over 2,600 students and about 900 Affiliates.


I am an associate of MAICSA myself.

In ICSA, there are two classes of membership of the Institute, ie Fellows and Associates. All qualified members of the Institute are entitled to describe themselves as Chartered Secretaries and use the designatory letters, FCIS or ACIS as appropriate. Fellowship is the senior grade of membership.
In Malaysia, the FCIS and ACIS qualifications are recognised by the Government as equivalent to Honours degrees whilst the Grad ICSA is recognised as equivalent to a general degree. The Government has also gazetted MAICSA as a prescribed body under Section 139(A) of the Companies Act 1965, which means that Associate and Fellow members of MAICSA can automatically act as company secretaries without having to apply for a licence from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM). Members of the Institute with more than five years practical tax experience, either in the Government or private sector, are also eligible to apply to become tax agents under Section 153 (3) of Income Tax Act 1967.


My office is known as MAICSA Northern Region Resource Centre. It serves as the liasion, communiation, resource & library centre for the Fellows, Associates, Graduates, Students and Affiliate. Lending membership only required a deposit of RM 100.00 which is refundable on termination. Please refer to Rules for Library Lending Service for Members[1]

The Resource Centre has its collection over 1,000 volumes of books, journals, conference and seminar papers, compiled sets of past year ICSA examination question papers, and Examiners' Reports. The focus of the collection in the Resource Centre is on subjects pertaining to corporate governance and administration as well as business, management, finance, accounting and law.


The Centre is located at Unit 41-5-2, Wisma Prudential, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Penang.


Tel : 04-227 2731 Fax : 04-227 2732 Email : leebc@maicsa.org.my