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Understanding Networking Technologies

Videos on networking

Data Communications & Networking Video Lectures

Course contains: Types of Networks (Point-to-point Connections, Circuit-switched Networks, Message-switched Networks, Packet-switched Networks). Types of Equipment (End Systems, Intermediate Systems). Types of Packet-Switched Networks (Wide Area Networks (WANs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Local Area Networks (LANs)). Types of Communication (Client to Server, Broadcast, Unicast and Multicast, Simplex, Duplex and Half-Duplex Information Flow). Open System Interconnection. Protocol Layers. Communications Between Layers.

Internetworking and Higher Layer Protocol Video Lectures

Course contains: Computer Networks and the Internet. The Application Layer. The Transport Layer. Multimedia Networking. Security in Computer Networks. Wireless and Mobile Networks.

Network Interface Design Video Lectures

Class topics: Communication techniques, systems and components; Computer network and internetworking fundamentals; Computer network interfaces, data communication devices and system; Layer 1, 2, 3, et al, protocols, devices and systems; Modems, hubs, bridges, routers, gateways, mutilplexers, switchers, etc.

Communications Hardware Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 2007 podcast downloadable ACLs Brain teaser, Access Control lists, Memory and PWs, VLANs lab, Switching and VLAN review, Cisco Layer 2 Switching, IGRP routing, IP RIP, IP Routing, Router Config and Troubleshooting, Configuring Router, Cisco IOS, VLSM, subnetting and IP addressing etc...

Integrated Communication Networking Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 2007 podcast downloadable

PBX Extension Programming, Integrated telephony, RAID etc...

Local Area Networking Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 2007 podcast downloadable

Introduction to Windows 2003 networks, LAN security protocols, topologies, wired & wireless, Media, IP and binary etc...

Cisco Certified Networking Associate Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 2007 podcast downloadable CCNA frame relay and ISDN, WANs and Point to Point Protocol, Access Control Lists, Switches and VLANs, IP and Routing protocols, Subnetting and VLSM, Internetworking, OSI-DOD model, encapsulation and hierarchical model etc...

Introduction to Network Communications Southwest Wisconsin Technical College 2007 Introduction to Network Communications. Digital & analog, PSTN, Structured cabling, Internet protocols, DOD (TCP/IP), HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and OSI model. LAN protocols: Ethernet, Token Ring, LAN Hardware: terminators, repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches and routers. Linux, Internet Networks, DNS. VPNs, Packet Switched etc...

System and Network Administration UNIX Networking: Concepts, ifconfig and Addresses, ARP, Gateways, and Linux Networking, DHCP and PPP; Network Services: Services and Ports, Protocols and Daemons. Security and Windows 2000, with emphasis on IIS Fermilab Beams Division Networking Group Series

Wireless and Mobile Networking Prof: Raj Jain Spring '06 Both Streaming and downloadable Wireless Local Area Networks; WMAN; Wireless Cellular Networks: 1Gand 2G ;Wireless Cellular Networks: 3G; Quality of Service in Data Networks; TCP over Wireless ; Network Security Concepts: Review: Wireless Network Security; Mobile IPv4; Mobile IPv6; Ad Hoc Networks Issues and Routing; Energy Management in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks; Wireless Sensor Networks; RFID ; Wireless Mesh and Multihop Relay Networks. Introduction to Computer Networking Prof : Raj Jain Fall '05 Both Streaming and downloadable Data Communications and Networking; Data Transmission; Transmission Media; Signal Encoding Techniques; Digital Communications Techniques; Data Link Control Protocols; High-Speed LANs(3 parts); Wireless LANs; Cellular Wireless Networks; Internet Protocol; Internet Protocol Version 6(IPv6); Routing in Switched Networks; Transport Protocols; Network Security; Network Management (SNMP); Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP); an overview of ATM networks. Computer Communication Networking Prof. Shiv Kalyanaraman Fall '01 Streaming and downloadable A very extensive Material. Application Layer; Transport layer (TCP); Network Layer (Internetworking, IP, Routing); Modeling: Probability; Data link later Internet Protocols Prof. Shiv Kalyanaraman Fall '01 Streaming and downloadable Networking Concepts; Internetworking; Routing: Basic ideas, Protocols (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, PNNI), Exterior Gateway protocols (EGP, BGP-4, CIDR); UDC, TCP; Congestion control; Multicast; IPv6; OAM Functions; QoS; High Speed Router Design. Broadband and Optical Networks Prof. Shiv Kalyanaraman Fall '03 Streaming and downloadable Integrated Architectures: ISDN, SONET, ATM Networks; Frame Relays, MPLS; High-Speed Router & Switch Design; Traffic Engineering & Survivability; IP Telephony; Optical Networking; WDM & DWDM; Passive and Wavelength Routed Networks; IP over Optical Networks. Wireless, Wi-Fi, Voip and Many more Science Dissemination Unit '06 Streaming & download

Use of Unlicensed Spectrum; Wi-Fi Networking Architecture; Wi-Fi Security; IP Networking,DHCP and NAT; Network Monitoring and Management in Linux; Antenna Theory; DIY Wi-Fi Antennas ; Software for Antenna Design; Radio propagation Basics; Link Budget Calculation; VoIP; Mesh Networks and manyother topics included. Network Technologies Educational Series Topics include How the OSI Model Works, How TCP/IP (Networking) Works, How The Internet Runs, How DNS Works etc....

WiMax, Ultrawideband, WiFi, ZigBee and BluetoothFree Login Microwave & RF webcast series WiMax, Ultrawideband, WiFi, ZigBee and Bluetooth wireless systems 10 Places to Find Free Computer Networking Tutorials on the Web

Whether you're a homeowner hoping to install a simple wireless networking system for your family or the networking specialist at an up-and-coming firm, you'd better know a thing or two about computer networks. Read below to find a list of websites and universities offering free online education in networking.

Ten Places to Find Free Networking Courses Online

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (

Data Communication Networks Computer Networks Network Optimization Network and Computer Security

These classes, made available through MIT's groundbreaking OpenCourseWare project, are comprised of class notes in PDF form that include text, illustrations, figures and more. Some classes feature assignments and even exams. Although you won't be able to communicate with the professors while taking these courses, the quality of the information is top-notch.

2. The Open University (

Network Security Protocols in Multi-Service Networks

These free online courses by the U.K.'s Open University instruct students on subjects like vertical and horizontal communication, hypertext transfer protocol, encryption, assymetric key systems, sequence numbers and authentication. The classes include graphs, figures, flow charts and quizzes with answers, and some modules also feature supplementary audio files.

3. CNET Networks (

Wireless Security Plan Your Home Network Wireless Basics

These free online classes from CNET Networks include lots of colorful screen shots, text, assignments, diagrams and photographs. They're designed for beginners, so even computer-illiterate types will be able to quickly catch on to the concepts of networking for home or business.

4. Teracom Training (

Telecommunications and Data Communications Video Course Introductions Data Circuit Model Tutorial Dynamic IP Addresses and DHCP Local Area Networks Networking and Telecom Video Tutorials

Telecom Training offers several styles of online tutorial for free to the public. The video previews are introductions to longer courses (which are not free), but they boast highly accessible introductions to topics like telecom fundamentals and wireless networking. There are also short, one-page tutorial introductions to the concepts of networking and much longer, independent video tutorials on subjects like digitization, loops, softswitches and more. Registration is required, but free.

5. Wireless Network Tutorial (

Networking Video Tutorials

These videos tutorials run about 15 minutes long and feature friendly narration over screen shots of easy-to-follow Adobe notes. You'll learn about terms, vocabulary, concepts in networking, encryption, network configurations and infrastructure. And you'll have a competent guide - the instructor is a Certified Wireless Network Administrator.

6. International Engineering Consortium (

Home Networking Tutorial

This tutorial is mostly text with simple illustrations and graphics that describe subjects such as market drivers, worldwide local-loop demand, wireless-based transport elements and home networking standards.

7. Sun Microsystems (

Java Custom Networking

The Sun Developer Network offers a free online tutorial on networking with the Java programming language that includes sections on sockets, datagrams, network parameters and working with URLs. As you can imagine, it's assumed that you already have significant networking and IT knowledge.

8. Micro 2000 (

PC Network Course

This free downloadable course in MS-Word format includes extensive instruction in subjects like network types, protocols, TCP/IP, access control and more. There is also an extensive - and useful - glossary of terms. Students must register, but the process is free.

9. Laynetworks (

DNS Tutorial Subnetting

Don't be fooled - these simple, text-only online tutorials are full of useful information. Readers must wade through lots of technical details and terms, but even if you're a beginner, the accessible writing style and solid background introduction are enough to engage without overwhelming.

10. The Computer Technology Documentation Project (

Networking Tutorial CDTP Protocol Summary Tutorial CTDP Networking Certification Reference

These text tutorials feature helpful illustrations, sample screen shots and extensive glossaries of terms. The networking tutorial is available for download as a PDF file, while the protocol summary comprises 14 chapters and includes discussion on AppleTalk, IPX/SPX protocols, terms and definitions.