Understanding Networking Technologies

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Course Objectives

This course will provide training on a host of networking topics. When a computer professional has completed this training, he or she should be able to comfortably discuss the following:

1. A general history of networking

2. Modern benefits of networking

3. Network design (physical and logical)

4. Components native to local area networks and their function

5. LAN communication schemes

6. Network media including cabling and connectors

7. Installation and benefits of transmission media

8. Wireless methods of transmission

9. Network bridges including types, operation and benefits

10. Repeaters including operation and benefits

11. Wide area networks and their components

12. Gateways and routers including types, operation and


13. Services offered by telecommunications companies

including standard and ISDN services

14. Signal broadcasting and satellite transmission

15. Data switching technology including types and advantages

16. Fundamentals of data communication including signal conversion and conversion devices

17. Broadband vs. baseband transmission

18. Types and characteristics of multiplexing

19. Organizations involved in setting standards and references

20. The Open Systems Interconnection model including an

explanation of its components and their operation

21. Physical layer transmission interfaces

22. Data link layer control specification

23. IEEE specifications (802.1 and 802.2)

24. Ethernet - specifications, operation, frame characteristics

25. ARCnet - specifications, operation, frame characteristics

26. Token Ring - specifications, operation, frame characteristics

27. FDDI - specifications, operation, frame characteristics

28. LocalTalk - specifications, operation, frame characteristics

29. NetWare protocols and their use

30. TCP/IP protocols and their use

31. SNA protocols and their applications

32. OSI protocols

33. AppleTalk and DNA protocols

34. Future trends in networking