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Value Proposition

  • time savings for course development (30% approx).
  • time savings for reader development (50% approx).
  • professional development in learning technologies.
  • ability to openly collaborate with peers, and projects locally and globally
  • ability to partner internationally for content development; educational project development; research opportunities; philanthropic funding
  • strategic opportunities for ancillary services (i.e., learner support, quality, etc.)
  • linked to national OER collaboration in New Zealand
  • new distribution and communication channel to key audiences and learners (i.e., current and prospective)
  • membership in OER Foundation
  • possibility of dedicated WikiEducator space (i.e., http://cotr.wikieducator.org)
  • dedicated community and organization development support
    • assistance in wiki-fying prior content (i.e., to get it into the wiki)
    • support to increase people's desire to participate (i.e., "adoption")
    • supporting individuals and groups in working cooperatively through complex and sensitive issues and dynamics, helping to achieve their goals
    • building and leveraging communities of practice (i.e., by subject matter expertise; geographic boundaries, specific cultural and national groups)

Other Links

Partners: International AIDS Society (Switzerland); Commonwealth of Learning (Canada) and EcoNews Africa (Kenya)