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Assessments will be negotiated with individuals or groups. They can be based on the outputs you produce from the activities and interactions that you engage in during the course. For example, you are asked to design assessments for a small project that you undertake with a team of four people. The team needs to discuss the parameters of the project and agree on the tasks. You will need to set up a Learning contract. You can discuss this with others in the class and may wish to work with a facilitator to agree on the contract.

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Setting up a learning contract
  • Find information about learning contracts. For example:
  • Decide on the components you wish to include in your learning contract.
  • Discuss with peers and the course facilitator.

Possible assessments

  1. A resource informing others about assessing action competence.
  2. A reflection on how a learning experience and assessment might look in one of the four areas (co-operative, inquiry, experiential or reflective) in your vocational areas.
  3. Create a learning contract template.
  4. A self-assessment or peer-assessment of the design process of the project.
  5. A reflection on team processes.