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Portfolios can come in all shapes and forms.

Portfolios are useful tools that can have a variety of purposes.

  • They can be used for development - tracking growth or change over time, showing progress in relation to goal setting or enabling strengths and weaknesses to be identified.
  • They can be used for presentation - showcasing or demonstrating work outcomes/projects or identifying successful achievements.
  • They are also effective tools for assessment - demonstrating progress, achievement and attainment of outcomes.

When it comes to assessment of prior learning portfolios are an effective tool to collate and demonstrate evidence of prior learning. They can show what a candidate knows and how that learning was acquired. Through the use of a portfolio a candidate can demonstrate that they are "capable of critical analysis and synthesis and of conveying ideas clearly" (Benton,N. (1995). Recognition of prior learning: A personal guide to developing your portfolio. Wellington: New Zealand Council for Educational Research. p 18.)

Traditionally portfolios have been paper based but as technology and the web develops e- portfolios have become more common.

An e-portfolio is a learner-driven collection of digital artifacts articulating experiences, achievements and evidence of learning (Galatis, Leeson, Mason, Miller, & ONeill, p. 2 Retrieved from Wodongatafe).

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Using your search skills find out more about Portfolios as a tool for RPL assessment

here are some links to get you started

using e-portfolios to support the rpl process

Try a google search for "E-portfolios: an assessment tool for online courses by Robin Mason, Chris Pegler and Martin Weller

For those seeking more depth

Validation of competencies in e-portfolios

The Directory of Open Access Journalsis a useful site to search.

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Consider the following questions:
  • What did you learn about portfolios?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using portfolios as an assessment tool for RPL?

Add your thoughts to your learning journal for submission at the end of module 6 on the processes, practices and possible tools for assessment (how the evidence is assessed)