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A puzzle effect by jram23/

The course work is laid out in progressive modules. Each module is designed to encourage you to explore various topics. During the course, you will encounter many pieces of a puzzle - the assessment puzzle - and will be helping each other put it all together into a coherent picture about assessment practices. The questions and activities are designed to help you think critically about the topics.

  • You may wish to keep track of your ideas, and your thoughts about what you are learning by:
  • making notes;
  • expressing your views in a blog (open learning journal);
  • keeping a private learning journal - written, or an audio/video diary - like 'big brother' participants.

Formative assessment tasks can be developed in your learning journal before being posted to the discussion forum on Moodle. This can be done as a link to your blog post, or in the form of media that you have prepared - written, slides, audio or video recording.

Getting Started

This site is your workbook for the course. A great place to start is by reading the 2013 Course outlinePDF down.png. Information about the learning outcomes, schedule and assessments can be found there, including an option for negotiating an alternative assessment. If you have previously completed any unit standards on assessment such as 4098 please discuss this with the facilitator, as there are possibilities for reduced assessment based on prior learning.

  • Please introduce yourself on the Introductions discussion forum on Moodle. Sharing learning is a great way to extend your thinking and to get feedback on your ideas.
  • Begin your explorations about assessment with Module One.
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  • You are welcome to add your blog url (web link) on the Discussion area on this wiki page. If informal learners join us, you may end up interacting with people from all around the globe - how exciting.
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  • For printing, use the printable version link on the left side panel of this screen. Please do consider the environment and issues of sustainability.