Introduction to the Course Modules

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Introduction to the Modules

You are encouraged to work through the five modules in order. A brief overview about each module is provided here. The activities for each module are designed to stimulate your thinking about the topics, and are optional. When you need to submit work, this is indicated.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Assessment - definitions of assessment and the different types in common use are looked at. In this module, you will be exploring and discussing the reasons for assessment, organisational policies, the principles of assessment (formative and summative), and the processes involved in designing good, solid assessments.
  • Module 3: Assessment Methods and Tools - the differences between formal and informal, and formative and summative assessment become more apparent in this module as we investigate different methods of assessing and some of the tools that can be used.
  • Module 4: Feedback and Learning Support - the difference between assessing for learning and the assessing of learning is covered. Also, the importance of giving feedback is looked at in this module.