Art appreciation and techniques/ART102/Session 1 Announcement

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Dear ART 102 participants,

Welcome to Session 1. These instructions are for the Artistic media: Two-dimensional art learning pathway. If you have just joined us, you will find important introductory information at the Start here page of the course.

By now you should:

Work through the learning materials and activities of the first Artistic media: Two-dimensional art learning pathway which explores traditional and non-traditional mediums associated with two-dimensional artworks.

Don't forget to post your questions using WENotes or the general course forum. Remember to include the url of the page where you are having problems.

Let's leverage the power of peer-learning by helping each other. If you know the answer to a question, help a friend by responding. Bear in mind that as an international course, your facilitators (if you have any) may be in a different time zone and could be sleeping when you post a question.

Most of all have fun!