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This course was first developed before the OERu MVP platform was finalised. This page is being used as the central planning page for the revised version

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Design and development team 2013

  • Irwin DeVries
  • Gail Morong
  • Alison Sniekus
  • D-L McLeod

Design and development team 2017

  • Gail Morong
  • Lloyd Bennett
  • Nicole Singular


Planning documents

  1. Design blueprint (Legacy format 2013)
  2. ART100 OERu Course specification
  3. Course descriptions (For publication on the OERu website)
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ART 101: Artistic process and visual language

Course Description This course gives a basic understanding of how art is defined and the different ways it functions in societies and cultures. It explores the artistic process and the art industry surrounding it. Students will be introduced to artistic principles: the means by which the elements in a work of art are arranged and orchestrated. The course also help students learn the “language of art” through a structured approach to terms and examples used to describe and analyze any work of art.

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ART 102: Artistic media and architecture

Course Description This course explores traditional and non-traditional mediums associated with two-dimensional artworks, the camera arts, three-dimensional artworks and traditional and modern styles of architecture.

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ART 103: Art in our world and beyond

Course Description This course looks at the context and analysis of artworks to explore the meaning behind them. It covers how artists express and interpret our world, including First Nations art. It also examines how art relates to and interprets nature, the body, identity, sexuality, politics, and power. Finally, it looks at how art makes tangible things that inhabit the realm of human thoughts, beliefs and imagination, mortality, the spirit, and fantasy.

Project resources and links

  • [1] - ART 100: Art Appreciation and Techniques is the primary resource being used for 3 micro-courses
  • Inventory of OER for ART101
  • Inventory of OER for ART102
  • Inventory of OER for ART103

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