Aoraki Digital Technologies/Level 2/DT 2.50 AS91377/Check List for 91377 "Local Area Networks"

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 The checklist below is not part of the assessment, but is provided to help you organise your research and report writing.  It should not be used as a guide to the assessment.

Demonstrating your understanding of the purposes and key characteristics of LANs includes: the information in your written discussion annotated diagrams with written discussion, images, and drawings as appropriate.

Checklist for 91377 "Local Area Networks"
Item Research Included in Report?
  • describe what the user will mainly use a specific LAN for
Found magazine article and looked at some forum discussions -(link to URL) Y
  • compare and contrast the characteristics and the purposes of peer to peer LANs and client/server LANs
  • explain why the components have been used in a LAN (local area network) to achieve the desired characteristics
  • explain how the connection technologies allow the components to function in a specific LAN (common wired, optical and wireless technologies, LAN architecture specified in terms of physical topologies and logical topologies)
  • discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the common cable, fibre and wireless technologies for connecting the components of a specific LAN.
  • explain how the different purposes of the components determine the connections between them and how data typically flows along them
  • identify and explain the layers in the TCP/IP networking model and the role of this model in a specific LAN architecture
  • explain IP (Internet Protocol) addressing with reference to static addresses and dynamically obtained addresses
  • discuss IP addressing schema including the consequences for static addresses and dynamically obtained addresses
  • describe the access control method used in Ethernet architecture
  • discuss how the access control method used in Ethernet architecture manages Ethernet traffic on a LAN.