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 Knowledge Grid for DT 2.50 (AS91377)

Achieved Merit Excellence

The student has demonstrated understanding of local area network technologies.


  • Purpose of a LAN (hosts, devices (dual functions), examples of LAN use, types of resources shared, information that can be accessed using a LAN, purpose of LAN components)
  • OSI model
  • TCP/IP
  • bandwidth (requirements and uses of particular bandwidths)
  • data transmission modes e.g. duplex
  • IP addressing including classes
  • DHCP
  • NAT
  • ICMP
  • LAN architecture (ring, star, ethernet token ring, DDI)

As achieved plus:

  • compare and contrast client-server and peer-peer LANs with reference to network administration, complexity, services/backups, 
  • explain the OSI layers and TCP/IP layers
  • IP addressing in detail (static/DHCP)
  • MAC addresses
  • NATing - advantages
  • advantages and disadvantages of cable, fibre, wireless in terms of bandwidth, location, security, reliability, set up, suitability
  • Ethernet access control

As merit plus:

  • IP addressing schmas / classes and public/private use
  • rationale for IP6
  • subnet masks
  • troubleshooting network config
  • ipconfig/ifconfig
  • How access control manages traffic e.g. CSMA/CD

Teacher Information

Teaching Ideas

  • Construct a LAN from 3 or more machines using either windows or linux 
    • IP addressing including static, DHCP, netmasks, public private addresses, MAC addresses, NAT
    • Components including switch, network card, hub, fibre, cable
    • Add a wireless router and configure it (connect LAN to the WAN port and configure NATing so that addresses are given out by the router are in a different range to the school network)
  • Use wireshark to capture packets and identify ICMP and TCP/IP traffic - this could link in with both DHCP and ICMP and TCP/IP work.
  • Use a group wiki to collect information resources for the final assessment
  • Use a forum to discuss the purpose of a LAN (this could be teacher led and run as homework over one week)
  • Use a forum to discuss dynamic and static addressing (this could be teacher led and run as homework over one week)
  • Use a forum to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of copper/fibre/wireless (this could be teacher led and run as homework over one week)
  • Photograph the components of a LAN (hardware and software), label and describe functions and place in OSI model in a group wiki/google doc 

Activities for Learners

Make and Test a Simple LAN

Explaining Simple IP Addresses

More Advanced Networking

LAN Components and Architecture

Networking Theory and Protocols


This standard is assessed using the NZQA resource "Local Area Networks". Additional resources - learner checklists etc are below: