Antarctica/Exploration ICEBLOCK/Teachers Backpack/Pantoum learning activity sequence

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Learning Activity Sequence for Producing a Pantoum

  1. Read a story with lots of rich language and language devices, about Antarctica e.g. from the School Journal list in the 'Teachers Backpack'
  2. Identify and discuss rich language and devices such as metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, rhetorical questions and personification.
  3. Divide the class so that you have 12 small groups and brainstorm aspects of Antarctica. Consider appearance, sound, smell, movement, students's knowledge etc.
  4. Each group composes a line.
  5. As a class assemble the lines to create a poem. The order for a pantoum is:

Have Fun and check out Warrington School Room2's example and how they did theirs.