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Dress an Antarctic Fish Activity

  Fish Facts:  Fish appeared on earth 550 million yeaars ago.  
  Most fish are covered with a slimy, mucous covering (slime coat) and scales for protection.  
  Most fish have a swim bladder which is used for buoyancy.  
  Fish belong to the Kingdom Animalia and the Phylum Chordata.
  1. Ask for a volunteer with a good sense of humour.
  2. Explain that the volunteer will pose as an Antarctic fish. Various objects will represent the adaptations of the fish or the physical structures and functions that enable the animal to survive in its environment.
  3. Place the following items on the 'volunteer Antarctic fish' and ask for suggestions about the meaning of the prop and the usefulness of the adaptation it represents.
Prop Adaptation Function

Shin guards

Dark shades


Masking tape

Large nose


Rain coat

Hard hat or helmet

Audio ear plugs

Mood ring

Bottle with 'Antifreeze' label




Paired fins

Lateral line


Swim bladder

Slime coating




A kind of antifreeze in the fish's body

Filter oxygen out of the water for the fish to breathe

Body protection

Poor eyesight

Balance and locomotion

Detects pressure waves in the water

Strong sense in fish


Protective film that covers a fish's body

Protects the gills

Internal ear

Pigment cell found in the skin that changes to meet the colour of the environment

Stops fish in Antarctica from freezing!