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What is Visual Arts?

Visual Arts involves a wide range of art practices and can be quite specialised including painting, sculpture, printmaking, design and photography.  The boundaries between these subjects are becoming more and more blurred as you can develop skills in many areas in Visual Arts and we are finding links to other curriculum areas to simply make art.  As a student you will develop and practise many ways of working and will learn to explore and reflect constantly.  You will develop your thinking skills both conceptually and creatively and learn to work through problem solving, resolving, time management and learn techniques and processes which are appropriate.  You will develop your skills in a range of media and explore a topic which is important to you through generating a range of ideas based on established practice.  

What Courses are offered?

Level 1 Visual Arts

Level 2 Photography, Painting and Design

Level 3 Photography. Painting and Design

What skills will I learn in Visual Arts?

  • Communication skills - you will explore a range of signs and symbols, critique other students' work and develop a range of visual and kinaesthetic forms of communication.
  • Problem-solving skills - you will use your imangination and creative thinking to explore, give judgement, resolve and develop solutions to your compositions, decisions and explore ideas.
  • Creative skills - develop skills in paint, learn about colour, washes, oil or acrylic media, printmaking, explore two-dimensional or three-dimensional, understand art history and context surrounding art.

Where Might Visual Arts Lead?

Illustrator, curator, exhibition technician, clothing design, textiles, graphic artist, art historian, tertiary education, teacher, interior design, web design, architect, drafts person, landscape architect, art therapist, industrial designer, photographer, artist, sign-maker, animator, art therapist, production designer, reviewer, map maker or artistic director to name a few.