Albany Senior High School Coursebook

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This course book is designed to provide you with the information you need as you plan for academic success in 2018. Read it carefully so that you make the most of the range of subjects and courses offered.

There are opportunities for you to multi level in 2018, that is to take a combination of level one, level two or three courses, depending on your 2017 achievement levels. In 2018, high achieving students should also be planning to enter scholarship examinations.

We know that the decisions you make will have an important influence on your future and we want these decisions to be well informed. This book also includes links to useful advice on future training, tertiary study and career paths. You are urged to research your career and subject options thoroughly. Be aware that career choices can change over time. If you are unsure about your future direction, you should talk to Craig Dyason.

We wish you well as you make your choices for 2018.

Making your choices

What subjects do I need? When making decisions about what subjects to take it is important to remember that for many courses and job training situations you do not need to have studied particular subjects at school. It is important that you can demonstrate your interest in learning through your specialist subject and impact project reports.

This document can help:

Reminders for Choosing your Subjects:

  • Choose subjects for interest and enjoyment.
  • Keep your selection broad – your ideas may change over time.
  • Check the recommended and compulsory subjects that you may need for further study at school or at a tertiary level.

Impact Projects

Your impact projects provide you with an opportunity for you to deepen and enrich your learning in specialist subjects. Students entering scholarship this year should also consider planning projects that include scholarship requirements.