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In Health Education, students will be empowered to enhance their own well-being and that of others in health-related contexts. Activities will nurture students' physical, social and emotional development through experiences involving co-operation, problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, leadership and reflection. Students will be inspired to lead their own learning and work collaboratively in a challenge based programme.

We will investigate current youth issues in New Zealand society and explore how these impact on ourselves and others. Learning in health will take place in a co-operative environment and may include role plays, debates, student lead activities and creating magazines or website.

Where might Health Lead?

The skills developed in health will be useful for all students and especially those who are interested in careers such as: ambulance officer, chiropractor, dietician, diagnostic radiologist, first aid instructor, health and safety officer, hospital nurse/orderly, massage therapist, mental health nurse, midwife, natural health therapist, occupational therapist, physical education or health teacher, primary school teacher, police officer, rest home worker, social worker. Health is a university approved subject. NCEA health credits can be used to gain entry into a degree programme at a New Zealand university.